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Recognition and Change for Air Gumbo

LAFAYETTE, LA –Air Gumbo was a special guest at this year’s 15th annual Cannes Airline forum, in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Cannes, France. The New Orleans-based starting-up airline was invited by Jean-Louis Baroux, Director of the Cannes Airline Forum, as well as Chairman and CEO of Air Promotion Group (www.APG.fr) of Paris, host of the prestigious event. The forum was Air Gumbo’s first international airline conference.  The main topic at the forum was Air Transport and Passengers: restoring trust.

Air Gumbo’s CEO, Ralston Champagnie, stated that he agreed with the conclusion reached at the forum that airlines need to speak the truth when communicating to passengers about delays and that governments should stop reacting to terrorism by instilling an unnecessary hassle factor in the air transporting of people. 

The Cannes Airline Forum inducted Mr. Champagnie into its airline executive gallery.  Champagnie said, “I am very honored to be included among such high-caliber executives, considering the fact that Air Gumbo is in its starting-up stage.”  He also stated that he is grateful for the continued international attention, having received maintenance job applications from as far away as India, in spite of being perceived as the underdog by the state and local community.

Air Gumbo is making changes to the aircraft the company plans to operate.  The proposed airline will drop the Boeing 737 and use the Bombardier’s regional jets where it had original planned to use the Boeing jet.   Air Gumbo stated, however, that it will maintain its original strategy of operating a two-type aircraft.  With the Bombardier regional jets family, Air Gumbo is adding the wide body Airbus A330-200/300.  Champagnie said that he had been in discussion with Airbus a few months ago and hopes to begin formal relations soon.  The range capability of the Airbus A330-200/300 makes it possible to offer direct flights from New Orleans to Europe.

Several attendees he networked with at the forum encouraged Champagnie to seriously consider the European market for New Orleans, some offering assistance. The Europeans have greater discretionary income, because of the strength of their currency, for traveling.  New Orleans is an attractive destination to the European tourists and the city will need those tourists to aid its rebuilding process.

About Air Gumbo - Air Gumbo, Inc., d/b/a Air Gumbo, is a low-cost, low-fare, one-frill airline. With a design-centric culture and experiential branding, the carrier would serve Louisiana directly to destinations within the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Its motto is “Louisiana’s culture in the sky” and Air Gumbo’s invited guests would be treated to a Louisiana party. 

Please visit www.airgumbo.com for more information or call Air Gumbo’s Information Center at (337) 781-0034. Email inquiries can be sent the media.relations@AirGumbo.com.

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