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Q - What is the one-frill?
A - Air Gumbo will be the world's first "one-frill" airline and its "one-frill" will be a unique cultural experience you can not get on any other airline.

Q - Some people mistakely call your company "Gumbo Air," will gumboair.com lead one to your low fare?
A - Yes, Air Gumbo owns the domain name "gumboair.com" which will redirect traffic to airgumbo.com.

Q - Will Air Gumbo serve its gumbo meal on all flights?
A - All tickets purchased on Air Gumbo for travel will come with a gumbo meal. On flights that are less than one hour in duration, Air Gumbo will not have onboard meal service. Air Gumbo will provide the Gumbo Lunchbox®, our take-out service on short flights, to those passengers who claim their meal. Passengers may be required to waive liability on the take-out service.

Q - Will Air Gumbo serve other world famous Cajun and Creole cuisine?
A -Yes, Air Gumbo will offer other meals such as Crawfish Etouffée and Jambalaya as well as exotic gumbos, subject to seasonal availability, such as alligator, vension, rabbit, duck, turkey, etc., or totally organic variations. However, passengers can expect to pay a premium for the enhanced meal service.

Q - With the Boyd Group's publicized light-hearted concern for heartburn, will Air Gumbo offer meals that are very spicy? (See www.aviationplanning.com/asrc1.htm and scroll down to the 1/16/06 Hot Flash)
- Air Gumbo will give customers the choice to tailor the spiciness of their meal to their preference upon purchasing tickets.

Q - With the famous hot coffee legal suit on some domestic travelers' minds, will Air Gumbo serve hot meals?
- Like most international airlines and unlike all U.S. domestic low cost carriers, Air Gumbo will serve warm meals on board. The warm and reasonable temperature of our meals is like the meal service most international airlines have been offering for many years.

Q - When will Air Gumbo launch its airline service?
A -We are building Air Gumbo from the ground up. It involves a two-part process: first the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) must approve Air Gumbo's economic fitness, then, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must approve the safety of Air Gumbo's airline operations and aircraft. These rigorous processes can take six months to a year to complete. Air Gumbo plans to work closely and efficiently with the DOT and the FAA during this rigorous process. We are excited about bringing Louisiana's culture to the sky and will keep you informed.

Q - Is that the CRJ I see pictured on your site?
A - Yes, photos are courtesy of Bombardier Aerospace. Thank you, Bombardier!


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